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Info, help & troubleshooting : A great place to find help with your hot tub or spa 

Chemical free alternative for spas and hot tubs

Alternatives to chemicals : Water purifiers, ozonators, ionizers, nature2, spa secret

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Seeking the "Rolls Royce" of hot tubs? Recognized as such by our competition, Roberts Hot Tubs are the absolute highest quality traditional hot tubs made. The first menu selection, Hot Tubs: Wooden and Ofuros contains extensive information on our complete line of wooden, redwood, cedar and teak wood hot tubs.

The virtual store contains a vast variety of items for spas and hot tubs. Everything from spa chemicals, spa supplies, spa accessories and spa covers, to repair parts for the 'do it yourselfer'. If we've left anything out that you need please feel free to Contact Us for availability and a price quote. On-line shopping is available, as well as fax, snail-mail and phone orders.

The section on chemical free water purifiers contains a wealth of information on ozonators, spa ionizers and other chemical free spa products, presenting their great benefits over sanitizing spas and hot tubs with chemicals.

The info & help section section contains water care and spa maintenance help, as well as information for those needing some assistance in doing their own repairs.

As for us, we have been manufacturing traditional redwood, western red & Alaskan yellow cedar, jarrah and teak wooden hot tubs, ofuros and accessories since 1976. Many of our products are individually crafted using the latest computer aided technologies for absolute precision. We are located near San Francisco in Northern California, USA (map).

We'd like to thank you for visiting our web site, and hope you'll find it as helpful and useful as it's intended. Please feel free to Contact Us with your questions, comments or suggestions.

We are required by the state of California to charge sales tax on any orders delivered to anywhere within the state of California, only. As such, California sales tax will be added to any orders placed online and shipped to a California address.

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